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Amy Garner

Pilates Haven co-owner

Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructor


Amy loved Pilates right away, from her first session with Pam Pardi. She quickly became addicted to the energetic feeling of athletic accomplishment that came with each session. But even though she loved it, it was hard for her. She was weak and hyper-flexible. She learned quickly that it was easy for her to cheat, to make the exercises look correct without properly doing the work. But as she progressed in her sessions, she grew stronger and more stable. Loose joints that had caused her years of pain, dislocations, and surgeries stayed in place better, supported by newly-developed muscles.

She knew she wanted to make Pilates her career, to learn everything she could about it, and to share her knowledge with others. Continuing to advance in her lessons with Pam, she decided to pursue the Romana’s Pilates certification through True Pilates NY. She enrolled in the rigorous 800-hour certification program in 2009, where she discovered the true genius of the method and it’s creator, Joseph Pilates. She learned to look at the body of the client in front of her, to see what that individual needed and was capable of doing. She learned that even if someone had injuries, there is almost always something safe for that person in the method.

And then Amy learned that lesson for herself. She had three ischemic strokes in 2010, which led to a diagnosis of a connective tissue disorder. Pam, her mentor and friend told her, “Pilates will always be there for you.” She was right. Amy had to go back to the basics, unable to do the fancy moves she once did in her sessions. But that was the time she became the most deeply connected to Pilates. She learned to be patient with herself, and she eventually became even stronger than she was before the strokes. She found empowerment in having control over her own health. Her doctors also recognized the significant role of Pilates in the process of her complete recovery.

Amy, who has taught extensively at studios throughout Connecticut and New York City, wants to show clients that no matter what they think their limitations are, be it age, injury, or medical condition, they can still be continually improving.


To schedule a session with Amy, email her at amy@pilateshvn.com.


More about Amy

In addition to being a full time Pilates teacher, Amy is a visual artist, writer and actor. She grew up in a creative and active environment in Wyoming, where she spent her youth dancing, skiing, hiking, camping, and pursuing artistic endeavors. She moved to New York City in 2005 to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), where she met her husband, John.

Amy is currently writing a creative-non fiction book. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she works on art projects, travels, gardens, reads, spends time with her black lab, Winston, and works on her own Pilates practice.


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