5 stars

Both Amy Garner and John McCarthy, the married owners of Pilates Haven, are  gifted teachers. I’ve done Pilates for many years but have benefited from two years of their teaching far more than with the previous ten years of work combined. Both are trained rigorously in what you might call classical Pilates, a direct line from Joe Pilates; but being different people, Amy and John bring complementary skills to their teaching, like two sides of the same coin. Both are highly observant and have what seems like x-ray vision; Amy tends to be most aware of nuances of form, and John is more athletic in his approach. I like working with both of them. I should mention that I am in my sixties, athletic but with some joint problems, and that Amy and John have worked wonders on my back! They are gifted teachers, highly professional, and delightful people. They also have a fantastic dog, Winston, a mellow black English lab, who is the nicest dog person I’ve ever met.

Mary J.

5 stars

I was a competitive runner until I started suffering from a back injury that sidelined me for all of 2016. My doctor told me the only thing I could do for rehab was to work on my core every. single. day. – and she suggested I look into pilates. As a strength (and running) coach myself, I needed someone who was going to nitpick my form, and not let me cheat on any of the movements…so I expressed this to John when we started working together, just about 6 months ago.

The physical change I’ve noticed from my weekly sessions at Pilates Haven have been tremendous. The control I have with my body is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. I am stronger and, most importantly, have completely eliminated my back pain and am FINALLY back to running after a frustrating year away. I even managed to snag a 5k PR a few weeks ago!

John and Amy are also amazing people and really care about their clients. They are professional and also personable, and I find myself looking forward to my weekly sessions – it’s truly a treat to go to Pilates Haven.

I also love that this is one of the few classical pilates studios in CT. I feel so lucky that it’s so close to me! PH is the real deal – if you want results and to walk out feeling amazing, then I can’t recommend this studio enough.


Kaitlyn M.

5 stars

Amy and Jon are great and very knowledgeable about pilates. I like how they tailor each lesson to fit my personal goals and push me to do the best that I can every time!


Hanna L.

5 stars

This is the best classical Pilates studio in New Haven! I have had back problems since high school, and John and Amy helped me survive my undergraduate degree without back pain. The teaching quality is impeccable and you can be sure they are certified to the highest standard and will tailor the session to suit your body and your needs. You get an excellent workout that serves as a perfect complement to any exercise regimen or lifestyle. And, if privates are too expensive, you can always attend mat classes or do a trio or duet on the equipment. I searched for over a year to find the best teachers to train with, and the Pilates Haven is definitely the one. Thanks so much guys!!!


Jenn S.

5 stars

I am super excited to write this review! I won two free pilates classes through Mactivity which is how I came across Pilates Haven. First and foremost, WOW! I have been an athlete all my life, however, I now realize that I truly do not know my body. Pilates … is HARD! It is about body control, breathing, position, etc. I can envision what my body can do (not there yet) and am excited to continue to learn and improve. John is so personable and an awesome instructor. He is patient but also encourages which I appreciate. I am excited to continue working with him and Pilates Haven to continue to be challenged and achieve my personal goals!


Jihyun L.

5 stars

I have had lower back pain for over 15 years. I wasn’t able to find any good exercise treatment until I started Pilates. Simply, Pilates classes led me to incredible healing. By doing Pilates with an instructor, I now can truly feel what my body wants exactly and reacts to the workout so that I can move and build my body more properly and powerfully to protect myself from severe back pain. Now I am doing duet lessons with my husband taught by wonderful instructors, Amy and John, twice a week. I am so glad I can share this amazing experience with my husband. We both truly enjoy feeling how our bodies are changing and improving.


Dinny W.

5 stars

If you are looking for great Pilates sessions this is the place to find them. Amy is a wonderful instructor, gearing the sessions to your needs and abilities, but always pushing you to do more. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.


Denise M.

5 stars

Exceptional! Original Gratz equipment paramount in making progress! Amy is the best. Patient while at the same time pushing me to do more than I ever thought my 60 yr old body could do. Definitely recommend for EVERY age but especially empowering and enjoyable for women like me. Love it. Won’t ever stop! 


Vivian P.

5 stars

John and Amy are expert Pilates instructors! Pilates Haven is the place for real Pilates in New Haven. Definitely recommend!!